Web development should be simpler

Vanilla HTML / CSS provides excellent visual design, but limited interactive functionality. For rich web apps developers use Javascript frameworks to provide a more desktop-like experience. The limitation of this approach is architectural complexity and slow page loads.

A better approach is to extend the HTML language itself. With the right extra features developers no longer need to write Javascript and pages load near instantly.

Better HTML

On vanilla webpages there are two special elements: links and forms. Both request content from the server and replace the page with whatever is returned. The third party HTMX library allows any element on the page to do this.

With this Xtended HTML (HTMX) we may now render all UI components on the server.

CTMX Complements HTMX

CTMX provides frontend like components to deliver HTMX content seamlessly from the backend

Developers write backend code, but it feels the same as the frontend. The transition between front and backends is seamless.

Radically Conservative

The web was originally designed to run on hyperscript. HTML became the only supported hyperscript however, and since then pages have become filled with bloat and junk.

CTMX is a new technology, yet it takes only the most secure and original foundations of the web. The result is radically conservative, robust and well tested.

Fully Open Source

CTMX is built entirely on open source, liberally licensed technologies. You may access our dev team's experience, but the code is always yours. No vendor lock-in.

See our dev team.